DIY Project; Distressed Terracottas

I salvaged these 3 Habitat terracotta pots from our street side about 2 months ago and rather than buying the dirt and plants and later having to deal with hauling heavy plants from flat to flat, (plans to move within the next couple of years) I finally woke up this morning with a bright idea for a project! TABLES!

What a cheaper alternative than buying new tables when I become disinterested with my older ones. If you’ve followed my blog since those days while I lived in Sicily, you know that I enjoy sharing simple DIY projects and for the cheapest way possible. Also, you would know that I love using outdoor elements as indoor decor, right? Remember the sea bark? How about my rocks?

Anyways, I headed up to our local Castorama (past the fabulous Tour Eiffel. Check out todays instagram) and bought the cheapest paint possible at only 8.95 euros. My brush? Just 4.80 euros. Voila! You don’t always need a lot of money or need a bunch of materials to pull of a DIY project. Simply put in French, “Comment vous preferez!”

Here’s how I did-it-myself and all the materials I used.

Habitat terracotta pots

Habitat terracotta pots, why not keep the distressed look even with white top coat? 


Just the essentials; basic white paint, 2 brushes an old sheet and rag. 

Use a dust brush to remove  underlying dirt and outdoor debris

Use a dust brush to remove any underlying dirt and outdoor debris. 

I used a multi-use paint with slight sheen I thought would work both indoors and outdoors.  


I love the home store, Habitat! Why would any one toss these? Moving and didn’t want to haul them?

Just one layer of paint...

Just one layer of paint using a long sweeping motion and then alternating to a dapping motion. 

Once almost dry, take a wet rag...

Once the paints almost dry, take a wet rag.

Using circular motions to create a faux distressed look.

Use circular motions to create a faux distressed look. Re-paint if some areas become too sparse. I did!

I think this part looks great!

I think this part looks great and so I  barely covered it with paint. Very distressed looking…


Finished! I set dry for 3 hours…


This is how I’m decorating them “FOR NOW.” Our new-old bed side tables. 

One for the terrace.

One for the terrace.

Kind of organic looking right?

Kind of an organic way to decorate. If that’s even the term. Any how, I LOVE IT!

Where the Main meets the Rhein

Guten Morgen, Guten Tag or Guten Abend!

I’m starting off with something funny…or at least what I thought sounded funny. Frankfurt is where the Main (pronounced, mine) meets the Rhein (pronounced, rhine) Say it out loud? “Where the “mine” meets the “rhine!” This is exactly how our tour guide introduced his first sentence. His unintentional rhyming definitely introduced the first of many laughs while his cheerful humour kept our interests afloat during my tour with  ETS Frankfourt City Tours

Last week, I spent 3 nights and 4 days in Frankfurt, Germany. Although this trip was a more of a tag-a-long trip while Justin worked out of the Frankfurt office, I was happy to come along. I had planned on lounging around the Radisson Blu Hotel, watching movies, ordering room-service, swimming and working out, which I did for the most part. But on day two, I wanted to see something! I figured I wouldn’t really have much to do in the city other than shopping so a friend suggested that I visit the river Rhein. How about some castels? Yes! But just how was my lazy, seul self going to do that? BOAT CRUISE! And it was perfect.

I booked my trip here and selected Tour 1. The day tour to the Rhine Valley  included an English speaking guide, a bus ride, (5 euro sur-charge to be dropped off at your hotel at trips end) a 2 hour Rhine boat ride, lunch and wine tasting and all for just 81.00 euro per person. Our bus departed at 11:15, and drove us along the no-speed limit Autoban for about an hour until we reached the village of Rudesheim.

Rudesheim cable lift

Rudesheim cable lift

From there, we descended the mountain top by cable car (5 euro extra) until reaching the village below where we ate lunch at the plum coloured and artificially decorated restaurant “Zum Anker.” Everyone had the choice between a chicken or vegetarian entree that included french fries and a type of cole slaw. I wished I opted for the chicken because my vegetarian pancake was…well…flat. I skipped out on the wine tasting event next door so that I had time to explore the bed & breakfast village of Rudesheim. I think I spent more  time gawking at some of my tour group counterparts taking selfie videos of themselves standing next to everything and anything while imagining those images and videos being proudly displayed on every socially media platform available. Think of selfie sticks, video cameras and iphones capturing every single movement and self-sight. Oh gosh, it got to be really annoying. Maybe I was more annoyed because I was alone? Yeah. Pretty sure. I’m not a selfie picture and snap happy hog am I? Not even remotely close right? Anyways, I really took this opportunity for myself to admire the Germanic architecture and greenery surrounding me.  Boy was I craving a really good German beer and more pictures. SMILE.

Our group met back at 2:15 and headed towards the Rhine river where we boarded our 3 tiered cruiser the Bingen-Rudesheimer. The steamer ship sped with perfect pace so that we could all visually enjoy (from afar) the Medieval castles, charming villages and vineyards and of course that deliciously tall glass of Maisels Weisse beer. My first!

There are so many castels to be seen along this part of the Rhein from Frankfurt, but as I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t very snap happy, nor was I equipped with my zoom lens so several photos and my picturesque memory will just have to do. Pictured below are some of my favorites from the tour I would definitely venture back again.  Enjoy!


Rudesheim Village

Mausetum Castle just across from where we lunched.

Mausetum Castle just across from where we lunched.


Somewhere along the Rhein before Reichenstein


Reichenstein village

Bacharach Castle

Bacharach Castle


Burg Katz village

Castel Stahleck

Castel Stahleck


Pfalzgrafenstein Toll Station on the island with Castle Gutenfels on the mountain side of Kaub.


St. Goar village


Some where along the Rhein…


St Goarshausen


From Hazel to Black…


Once where fire burned and laid the warmth which grew those sparks in my eyes…

remain buried in their embers.

The smouldering hazels are silenced through the darkness of ash and night.

 Flames black in their disguise.




Scandalous Flaskback 1971 YSL

IMG_6813On January 29, 1971 Yves Saint Laurent presented his Spring/Summer collection called “Années quarante” or “Libération.” The collection was daring and even more sexually suggestive than previous years and became the new era for square shoulders, short dresses, loose frills and exaggerated makeup…

Although the collection was heavily criticized by the press, his designs paved the way to the retro trend in the 70’s which quickly ended up conquering the streets and clubs.

My friend Maria and I spent a short hour at the exhibition viewing the progressive collection considered too daring for that time. Cameras aren’t allowed in the museum so make sure you leave with plenty of visual memory or maybe a book from the boutique upstairs like I did!

Like to see more of a visually interesting post about YSL? Check out my new STELLAR site where you can find me @ jentendesigns.


YSL 1971 popular print



Maria outside the Fondation Pierre Berge


See the exhibition here:

Fondation Pierre Berge

3 rue Leonce Reynaud

75016 Paris France

Open 11-18 everyday except Mondays