Cocotte Moi en Sesame

Une nouvelle découverte!

I discovered something new while in BHV home department, Les bols Gourmet Terra Sesame from Degrenne.


I love the double textured materials in these well crafted serving bowls with the finished inside and raw sandstone ceramic finish on the outside. I bought the 50cl bowl with lid, the 30cl and the smallest at 7cl. Rather than using them as originally intended on thier website, I thought displaying them as a sculptural collection would look great in our dining room and thus allows me to place little precious things within each of them. What do you think? Aren’t these little beauties fitting right in with the rest of our home?


J’aime les matériaux à double texture dans ces bols de service bien conçus avec l’intérieur fini et la finition en céramique de grès brut à l’extérieur. J’ai acheté le bol de 50cl avec couvercle, le 30cl et le plus petit à 7cl. Plutôt que de les utiliser comme prévu à l’origine sur leur site web, je pensais les afficher comme une collection sculpturale qui serait superbe dans notre salle à manger et me permet ainsi de placer des petites choses précieuses dans chacun d’eux. Qu’est-ce que vous pensez?





Merci Degrenne! Ce sont superbe qualite et design!



Atelier CHP Abstract Design in Living


Hi there!

I’ve been meaning to share this new print that I had received from The Poster Club. An online retailer based out of Copenhagen specializing in a variety of prints from many on trend and established artists. This particular one that I choose was created by Atelier CHP and is simply titled ‘Abstract Construction.  I love it!

As quoted on their website,

‘For this collection we explored different styles from cubism to abstract sculptures. The inspiration for the limited collection is found in contrasting materials and sculptures where the human face gets interpreted in an abstract way. The art work is created by layering elements of hand painted shapes and colours. The colour palette is inspired by the 70ties adding a splash of colour to the home’.

I selected this print for 2 main reasons. 1; it did reflect a conceptual face and reminded me of the complexities of our Sapien expressions and 2; the monochromatic colour scheme wouldn’t detach from the interior style already in place yet still added depth and structure for a minimally designed space. Wouldn’t you agree?




Big thanks to everyone who contributed in the creating & distributing of this art work!

Bisous from Paris!


I’m all ears!

While on a walk along one of my new favorite streets I headed into Mobilhome Paris, a great store specializing in decorative objects and jewelry pieces from mostly Scandinavian design. I needed a little souvenir for myself and so when I saw these Tabitha Circle Dot Hanger earrings designed from Danks Smykkekunst I had to have them. I love their simplistic design with hammered round rings and most especially the way that they loop through the ear for different looks as shown on instastory the other day.

Now I have some others in mind that I’d love to embellish my ears with! How about this silver beauty, that or these? With those prices…OUIASSS!!!