A Bowls Bowl

The other day, while walking through our charming town I spotted an adorable resale boutique. We were already on a mission and had our little Pug with us or else I would of finagled my way inside….My eyes quickly caught sight of these two matching bowls colored with pretty pastels and adorned with lovely birds! I just knew I had to buy them and took a chance in returning another day to buy them. Well, they are now in my possession, all fab’d up with a few of my favorites. These bowls are my 1st official Italian souvenirs that are to be treasured as keepsakes forever! If you already know me, you know I love a good thrifty find.


William Collection: bowls
Estée Lauder lip colors- Spanish Red and Rosa Rosa
Micheal Kors- handmade necklace
Juicy Couture- bracelet
Forever 21- rose earrings and bracelets
Ikea- tray