Don’t look me in the eye fish!

“Little Tunny.” I brought you home only because your related “Tuna” family member wasn’t available. It’s a very delicate matter, my career in Ophthalmology has led to my sensitivity to your delicate organs. So how can I be faulted for my unwillingness to see that part of you? Your eyes? BTW! It doesn’t help that your name is so freaking adorable! Thanks to my brave Husband who discarded the head of Little Tunny’s before he was delicately grilled and its highly valued protein deliciously consumed….

Fish is a major staple, very rich within the Italian/Sicilian culture. An abundance of warmer water seeking fish are netted within the Mediterranean and Ionian Seas like the Tunny. On Sunday mornings our Village Fisherman’s sell their newfangled catches. It isn’t normal for me to face such freshness, such as a whole fish or octopus still moving about, but it is a fact of life here and it’s the way of life I’m going to have to get used to. It’ll always be a sight to see, seafood sold on the sidewalks of streets and in wall-less open aired Pescheria’s. While knowing that those aquatic lives were content in their Sea and perhaps happily swimming, I will enjoy each morsel and remember it too had eyes.

My Healthy Homemade “Little Tunny” Recipe:

Heat extra virgin olive oil in skillet.
Cook and season fish with light butter, salt, pepper, parsley to desired liking.
Squeeze and garnish with lemon.