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Like myself, I’m sure fellow Bloggers and Cyberspace Friends all wonder, “Just where are you blogging from?” Maybe that one special place in your home, outdoors enjoying the nature that surrounds or just somewhere random from your phone. Since I’ve been confined to my home as my broken neck heals and long over due for a blog, I’ve come up with a blogging idea. To show you all, my three favored places to blog. Also, the favorite little things that surround me, inspiring me.

On a comfy chair feeling the fresh sea breezes.

In a corner of our charming living room. On my iPad, with my must have daily cup-o-joe.

In our office.

So, where are you blogging from? 

11 thoughts on “Blogging Central

  1. thriftykristy says:

    Wow! We do have similar personal styles! 🙂 Your place is beautiful and sooo inviting! I just want to curl up with a hot coffee and pretend I’m there. Great decor and photos!

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