Creams and Trees OOTD

I love the weekends! Since the weather has nearly approached 100 degrees it’s always best to run errands in earliest of morning. Haircut, window shopping, cafe’, raviolas { Italian pastry filled with ricotta cheese} for breakfast, and a quick trip to Simply Market for a few necessities. Before we headed out, I asked for a quick OOTD shoot in our backyard. This tree sheds more leaves than our Pug sheds his double coated fur! Tomorrows antique shopping in Catania. More treasure pics soon! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  • Forever 21 Chiffon Blouse
  • Zara Basic Denim
  • H&M Belt, Bracelets
  • Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
  • Monet Earrings
  • Michael Kors Chain Necklace
  • Fergie Italian Clutch
  • Michael Kors Sandal Heel

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      Thanks KG- you’ve made my afternoon…. 🙂 and now I am a follower!

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