Monday’s Project Marine



Whew! What a Monday! Filled with another DIY project. Have you noticed I have a real propensity towards blue? Looking back, I’ve been blue posting. Completely unintentional but, with a yellow Villa up from the Sea, it seemed fitting that I spray-painted these used two folding chairs and table patio combo we purchased for $20.00 a few weeks ago from a couple moving back to the United States. We needed a little retreat just outside our main entrance and finally I gave it one. Seashell, driftwood, planter, tree leaves and lantern. 


Using drift wood from the beach and branches from our yards tree, you know the one that sheds more than our Pug as I mentioned in my “Creams and Trees OOTD” post? I placed the drift wood on top of a planter I haven’t found a plant for yet and placed the ends of the branches in the barks natural loop hole. Easy, why didn’t I think of this earlier? 


14 thoughts on “Monday’s Project Marine

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very thrifty Jen! Such a deal and now it’s so cute. Another nice place for a cup a Joe. Can’t have too many of those. 8)

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