Night of Glass

I picked up my newest souvenir made in Genova, Italy at my favorite boutique in Brucoli. Il Gioiello Arte Orafa Valanzana which means “The Jewel Goldsmith, Art Valanzana.” Glass blowing is a technique involving molten glass thats been inflated by a pipe incorporated into different shapes an colors. Truly an art form that dates back as early as 50BC and invented by the Phoenicians. It seems as though what I was wearing last night had a major influence to my selection. This beautiful hand blown glass is a collectors piece I’m sure to treasure for years to come. It’s  delicately thin and I’m very hesitant to put anything in it. Found a perfect resting spot on the table next to our couch. Settles nicely there, do you agree? 


12 thoughts on “Night of Glass

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      Thank you, although I had the unfortunate mishap of breaking it this morning as I hit the table reaching for a pillow on the couch. 😦

      • Melissa Hunsaker says:

        Oh no! I’m so sorry Jen! I would have cried! That’s why I don’t have nice things! 8( I’m glad you were able to share it and I’m looking forward to seeing more Italian gems! xoxo

      • Jeni Johnson says:

        Thank you, I couldn’t believe it either! I broke it the very next day after posting about it. I had Shaun clean it up it was too hard to face the shatters… 😦 It was only 12€, but still beautiful enough to hold on to….

        Jeni Johnson

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