To The Max OOTD&Teeth Story

You know, I’m not perfect, no one is. DUH! When I was 15 years old my Dad decided to take me to a new Dentist for a general cleanup who instead recommended braces for my crooked teeth. Being a teenager at the thought of metal hardware attached to my teeth for 2 years seemed like the end of the world. Besides, I  hadn’t  really given my teeth that much thought. My insecurities laid deeper than my oral orifice. That day,  I agreed upon retainers for my top teeth only, which I wore for a couple of years until they snapped. I had been satisfied by then. My 2 uppers were straighter and life went on. Until………when I was 23 and my insecurities got the best of me while a Doctor I was crushing on at work snapped his teeth and told me his girls, “need to be perfect!” Argh! I was fine, but I let my lesser half , naïve judgement and insecurities lead me straight to another Dentist whose consultation and x-ray concluded that a bottom tooth had been pulled to make room for braces that would eventually straighten my teeth in a year or two. “Why not the top?” he said in disbelief, as I asked for just one set. Almost convincingly, telling me that I’m “already doing the bottoms, why not fix both?” All the while knowing the possibilities of imminent regret, my memorable reply was, “They give me character!” and “No thank you.”

 I don’t smile much in pictures and as I’ve aged, seemingly more aware of my crooked chops, I often debate whether I should just bite the metal and wear the unpleasant apparatus? (Invisalign or Whatever)

But, I just take my self back to when I was 23 and repeat,

“They give me character.”



What do you think about crooked teeth, tell me your thoughts….


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23 thoughts on “To The Max OOTD&Teeth Story

  1. 2 Rivers Photos says:

    You silly girl :)… I mean this respectfully: you’re a hottie, wear that smile proudly because its yours 🙂
    If you ever come to San Diego for a visit and want a little shoot with your man let me know… thats how pretty I think you are 😉
    Have a great day

      • 2 Rivers Photos says:

        I’m getting a lot more brave these days and I’ve started to ask people for their pictures, been successful a few times so tomorrow’s post is just for you 😉

  2. sylv says:

    Perfect teeth look weird and fake. Everyone should embrace these little things. They are positives, not negatives!
    From another girl with crooked teeth…

  3. kategreer says:

    I love the headband and monochrome – flashback to the 70s!

    I wore braces as a child for three years and still have a retainer to this day. I’m glad my parents forced it upon me. 🙂 However, I wouldn’t want to have to go through that process now. I despise the dentist and avoid them as much as possible! I wouldn’t worry about it unless your teeth were giving you problems (like pain).

  4. Melissa Hunsaker says:

    You are one of my all time favorite beauties! If I could go back in time and wear braces I would because my teeth are my biggest insecurity! I just don’t know if I’m brave enough to do it now. You definitely have to do what will make you feel great about yourself because I’m pretty sure everyone thinks your already pretty great in every way! 8)

  5. fashion5point2 says:

    You’re absolutely right: it does give you character! When I was young I always thought everyone had to have perfect teeth (I myself had to wear braces for a long time) but now the most beautiful people I know don’t have perfect teeth! Stay true to yourself, you’re beautiful just the way you are 🙂

  6. justlikeplasticine says:

    Crooked teeth are cute anyway. The problem is, and will always be, you will always find something you are insecure about. Embracing our imperfections makes them beautiful 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think you teeth are ‘perfect’ love your bloggers replies, and the dress, love it!

  8. bracesinaustin says:

    I might be weird (ok, I AM weird) but I think braces give a person character. It’s pretty brave to walk around with shiny metal brackets stuck to your teeth that proclaim that they’re crooked and getting fixed. Invisalign is a bit of a cop out (and really expensive for the results you get) but even if you decide not to get braces now it’ll pretty much never be too late so you can always change your mind.

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      Braces come and go so the character of that is momentary, while crooked teeth and their contributing character lasts forever..unless they decay. WINK. Im never changing my mind. As I boldly stated, “They give me character” or add to it, which ever.

  9. thriftykristy says:

    Jeni, you are gorgeous! I wouldn’t let others dictate how you should look. If it’s an insecurity issue, it’s deeper than teeth. I struggle with my own personal insecurities and I always try to think on the positive (but often times fail) — I have a God who made me this way and loves me, I have a husband who adores me, beautiful children and a blessed life. Sometimes it’s those ‘imperfections’ that give us even more beauty. I love your smile, only change it if it is something you really want to do. xxx Kristin

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