Teeny Bikini&Blue Topaz OOTD

Screen Shot 2012-07-15 at 8.44.49 AMYay! I was so excited that my beautiful gold chain and pendant with blue topaz arrived from the Post Office Thursday. So classically packaged, beautifully hand crafted and dearly noted by freddie&cinnamon, who I represented in an earlier entry. So I thought, just how was I going to show case my fabulous gift? Ah! Golden like the sun and blue topaz like the clear waters of Sicily, I headed down to our neighborhoods beach for a brave bikini OOTD photo-op. The necklace was so inspiring, the sea water very inviting and everything just seemed to pair well today! I am so grateful for this lovely necklace!

Thank you Olga and Magda, freddie&cinnamon for life!



  • freddie&cinnamon, gold blue topaz pendant and chain
  • Zara, bikini
  • Zara, jean button down
  • Volcom, hat with DIY jean fabric
  • Street Fair Sunnies
  • Michael Kors, gold flip flops

35 thoughts on “Teeny Bikini&Blue Topaz OOTD

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      I was thinking the same about you when I 1st found you! It’s all the makeup I wear and a bit of touch up with the denoise button on my imac.

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