Locked Room



Subject to torment,

Father tried covering with absent eyes-

are gone.

Four corners of the walls, no open air in.

The ceiling above slaps like hands reddening the skin.

Seclusion becomes a garden illusion-

picking hair for flowers,

tasting blood for oxygen.


At whipping time when childhood cries bathe in?

Covers up a black handkerchief-

damask to a beating surprise.

Is it my birthday?


Paddles to a sore behind.



Why did you die?

Why lie to a Catholic for Christian to cheat love in heavens sky?

You’ve only trapped me-




(Copyrighted, any requests to republish must be requested.)

6 thoughts on “Locked Room

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      Thanks to your encouragement, I posted another piece of poetry today. I hope you like it.

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    For some reason I would not have expected this from you, very well done it touches on so many levels of religion and family, trust and failure. Very interesting.

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