Yes, Sicily grocery store’s are prettier than U.S.A’s!

Our favorite grocery store, La Familia is located 10 minutes from us on the other side of  the mountain. When we first stepped through the doors ways, our mouths dropped and we both said “Wow!” Now I’ve been to a Whole Foods grocery store and have always been impressed with their beautifully designed cafe, deli with amazing salad bar, fine meats and vegetables but their prices were just too expensive even though we had the palette for their tastes….But, when we sought out every isle, picked out our deli’s, rotisserie and sweets we found our version of Whole Foods, just a lot smaller and more colourful! The packaging and products more beautiful, I mean have you seen the tupper-wears? How cute are those?

Another jaw dropping moment was the baby isle because indoctrination class taught us  that Horse wasn’t just a delicacy here but a staple in most homes. So yes, the babies are fed Horse amongst other animals we don’t dare touch in America. Makes me feel even worse for eating a cow as rarely as I do, but a Horse? Oh no! A little furry rabbit? Oh no! Anyways, aside from all that…. the vibrant hues just continue their ways throughout the store and it just makes grocery shopping here in Sicily much more fun than in the USA!

I have a slide show below to prove it…!

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26 thoughts on “Yes, Sicily grocery store’s are prettier than U.S.A’s!

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      Have yet to weigh in on some of those. I’d top them off with a lot of ketchup, ranch and tobacco sauce!

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      thanks lovely, I like your gravatar pic! 🙂 I’ll head over to check out your page in a few!

  1. hey_im_kate says:

    Love the top with those flats! Omg, I may need to go to Zara AGAIN to find those neon contrast flats! Great find.


  2. Astrid Inspire says:

    Effortless and yet super Georgeous,Lovely.,U might wonna chek out my blog.I’m new

  3. Sofie says:

    I know that horse is a deli meat to put on your sandwich in Sweden… Pretty weird haha but I really liked it, but now I haven’t had any meat in like 9 years..

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      Wow, 9 years! How do you do it? I’ve tried numerous times promising my self only to fish. Doesn’t last more than a month….now that I’m in Sicily, it’s salami overload on my sandwhich sometimes!

      • Sofie says:

        Seriously, the 1 thing I miss is salami hahaha!! Otherwise I don’t even really think about the fact that I’m not eating meat it’s just natural to me. You must have some yummy salami for me 😉

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      Me!!!!!! But don’t I match the colors of the store, I just so happened to be wearing that very outfit when I walked into that store for the 1st time! So it has a great deal of significance. Do you agree now? Wait or was it the BBQ stand? Hahahaha.

  4. kategreer says:

    Great and simple look! I try and avoid trendy items, but I am a huge fan of the skinny jeans!

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