What are organics? Whenever I see a home I like or in my own home resembling the feel of organic I say “it’s organic.” But what does it really mean? Usually organics are carbon-based substances derived from living things like plants and animals. Examples include everything we grow and eat, soil, natural fibers like cotton or woods that are all compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and other elements with chain or ring structures. Basically, organics are any materials composed of living or dead carbon-based organisms. Those examples would be materials made from recycled wood pulp and paper. How about organic foods? Well they are nutrients that contain carbon such as: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and vitamins which are organic by definition. Although we need to consider what is deemed organic may not always be 100% organic, especially with the chemicals incorporated into materials to help add color to fabric or furnishings, or longevity to fruits and vegetables….

Follow ideas for turning your home into an earthy escape with warm woods that are either furnishings, drifts or jutes! How about botanical motifs like orchids, plants and flowers. Getting a nature-inspired palette will classify your home as organic. Be it your furnishings or the foods you eat.

Here are a few of my favourites found around our Villa today!

Note: Some sedimentary rocks are organic such as coal or chalk, but majority of rocks are inorganic. Any hydrocarbons that might seep into a rock, such as methane would mean the rock included organic material, but most rocks are igneous. However, I consider the look of rocks as organic. Wink!

12 thoughts on “O-O-Organics…

  1. My Lucite Dreams says:

    I adore that driftwood jewelry display! What an incredible idea. I might steal that from you. I love the collection of shells too! Great photos, i did enjoy the tour around your Villa ❤

  2. onestreetshy says:

    Great post. I buy organic, eat organic, grow organic and try and “live” organically….whatever that means anyway 🙂 hahahah

  3. 2 Rivers Photos says:

    Really like rocks and bamboo tray pictures… my friends call me Mr. Organic because I mostly look to eat organic food specially my fruits & veggies 🙂

  4. Seb says:

    Basic rule for “organic” – if you can set fire to it and it can hold a flame, it is organic. Rocks and seashells, not so much 🙂

  5. thriftykristy says:

    Natural elements are what make a home feel “homey” I think. Beautiful. Love the driftwood holding your jewelry 🙂 xoxo Kristin

  6. Sofie says:

    The rocks do look very nice and organic 🙂 Loving that wool duster for some reason, reminds me of like a fox tail or something.

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      I’ve had the duster for over a month and use it almost daily, its amazing how the wool holds up way better than those faux feather dusters! Feels nice too, even though one would think it be really gross to touch it. Eh, just wash hands right?

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