Well Color Me Happy….!

Is it embarrassing to admit that I knew every line from the movie “Pretty Woman,” at one time? Yes, I’ll just answer that question myself.

The year was 1990 and the movie was just released in theatres when I begged my Mom to accompany me. I, the underaged child who wanted to watch a flick about a beautiful prostitute whose free-spirited attitude has herself whoring out to the dapper, wealthy but lost of zest business man. What? Interesting choice in movie don’t you think? Yes, I’ll just answer that question myself, again.

What’s my point here your’re wondering? Well there’s a scene in the movie where Julia Roberts casually walks her thigh high boots into the elevator echoing… “Well color me happy, there’s a sofa in here for two!” As she’s later seen, flopped down on the cushioned seat, one knee up to her thousand mile smile. Her line had stuck with me ever since…. “Color me happy!” Yes!

In relation to photography, I’m partial to B&W’s! Oh how I love a soft B&W photo occasionally touched with a twinge of SEPIA. But while my attempts to thoroughly enthralmyself into the throes of photography, I’m learning that not all pictures fair well to B&W. Yep, it’s true. See the examples below? Do you agree? Yes, I’ll just answer that one myself, yet again.

Agusta’s Sea Bay

Vivian: “I got red, I got green, I got yellow… I’m out of purple…” Oh gosh, I still remember lines from that freaking movie. Thanks a lot J.F Lawton!

Brucoli’s Condom Machine

At least I learned a few things from that movie. #1. Safety first! Done. #2. Never whore yourself out to Men who want to tear and destroy ships or whoring for that matter. Done, even though my Husband is in the Navy and war may be eminent where he may have a hand in destroying ships. Oops! #3. Color me happy, but I still prefer B&W photos! Ugh!

See Mom, I turned out all right!

Credits: Photos taken by me, Jeni Johnson.

17 thoughts on “Well Color Me Happy….!

  1. cookieslady says:

    Wait . . . Embarrassing = Never, the brightly colored condom machine = Too funny

  2. cookieslady says:

    I sooo love that movie, in fact I still watch it at home on DVD, it’s one of those timeless one’s . . . My response to all your questions: YES

  3. birgitph says:

    In the pictures with the boats, the colors are the main feature! So yes, definitely no black and white (that would be sort of like a black and white VanGogh ;0)

    Love those shots!!

  4. aura.van.beek says:

    hi! i don’t know if you ever answered this question already but what camera do you use to take the photos? i love them!

  5. Pam from eclecticlivinghome says:

    What’s wrong with the Cinderella story only she’s a hooker? Not a thing. Seeing and quoting it when you are under age? Priceless! Julia made prostitution so glamourous. I can still quote The ‘Burbs since my brother and I have watched hundreds of times. 🙂

  6. Sofie says:

    I LOVE Pretty Woman! “I want the fairy tale”. Seriously lovely movie. I used to know all the lines in Dirty Dancing and and Rocky, Rocky II & Rocky III… later on Romeo & Juliet (the Leo Di Caprio one) and the whole first season of Friends joined that list. Isn’t it kind of crazy how you spend your time watching movies over and over and over until you know it by heart and can actually act the whole out if you had to. Like isn’t there more important things to do haha.

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      I tell you, I watched that movie over and over again. But I’ve seen twilight just as much and I don’t know the lines! Yep, Im getting older….

      • melanieldrn says:

        You guys make me laugh! I was just quoting Dirty Dancing back and forth with a girl at work. Another co-worker thought we were crazy:) Great pics Jenifer!!!!

      • Jeni Johnson says:

        🙂 Oh my gosh, I used to mimic Baby’s dance when she was going up those wooden stairs praticing her dance. Had the white canvas shoes and cut offs and perm. Hahaha.

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