Fonte Arethusa

Fountain of Arethusa, one of the most important springs in the Hellenic world. It features the Greek myth of Arethusa, one of the nymphs of Artemis, goddess of virginity. The story of Arethusa begins of her bathing in the Aplpheus River near Olympia when she was propositioned by Alpheus, the rivers predatory god. Arethusa who wanted to preserve her virtue asked Artemis for help by turning her into a fountain. Thus transformed she escaped under the sea of Sicily where she emerged as the spring of Fonte Arethusa….

Last post before the weekend everyone. Have a wonderful and safe one. Tomorrow we’ll be hiking along Alcantara Park flowing with the course of the river once we descend by lift down the gorge. On Sunday, it’s American football, football, football and lots of snacking! 



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