Agrigento-Valley of Temples

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Valle dei Templi (Valley of Temples) – Past the country side, lay perked on a ridge is one of the best preserved evidences of Greek civilizations. The grandeur of temples were built as far back to 5th century BC. After we purchased our 11.00 euro  entrance fee, we walked aimlessly in awe along its monuments. Within the preserved archaeological site, we were stunned by its beauty. The views of the sea enwrapped us while the oriented ruins compelled us. Starting from the east and following a line from dawn’s rise, resting the highest is the temple of Gemini, in the middle stands the temple of Concorde (harmony), nearly in whole. Lastly, the temple of Juno with columns strewn on just one side faces the azul-like sea. Other remains like a never completed temple of Zeus lays in blocks and is only distinguishable by notice of map. Also, you’ll spot a sacred garden, a trail of almond trees and coved water ways. Otherwise remarkable are what follows along the temples are excavated catacombs, alters and areas of sacra-religious practices.

Regardless of the history, I couldn’t help but to feel remotely contained within its historical and cultural magnificence. I highly recommend a visit to one of this worlds most monumentally and captivating site. Only you can capture the true essence of what you’d see and feel. We dedicated nearly 3 hours and snapped almost 200 photos. The ones above were altered in Sepia, B&W or have remained in true color.  My only other photographic manipulations were altering contrast and definition to help sharpen the exquisite details of these ancient ruins or project a sense of aged time. I hope you’ve enjoyed the gallery of photos and that you all continue to follow my life along……


15 thoughts on “Agrigento-Valley of Temples

  1. Tisha says:

    I never made it to Agrigento… so bummed! It looks beautiful and I love ruins and their history.

      • caroline1t says:

        Right now in Vancouver Canada (it’s a pretty spectacular place actually, the whole province is great) and I’m hoping to be moving to Poland next year!

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      Hopefully one day you can tour Italy and venture through the Island as well, including, Malta and the Aliolian Islands….. 🙂

  2. aura.van.beek says:

    I also tried taking some b&w photos but they never come out this nice! I wish my travel paths will lead me to Sicily one day.

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      Have you tried using photo editing either on your camera or on a software. I either use the settings on my Nikon or just use iPhoto. I don’t have photoshop but would love to learn to master it. I’m never going to resort to Instagram, I’d like to preserve the sense of photography the old fashioned way. LOL. Wow, technology is coming a long way sooooooo fast!

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