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Hello everyone! I headed up to Travis for follow-up care regarding my leg neuropathy this morning and I was finally given the okay to go ahead with an EMG study I’d been eagerly waiting patient for. Also, I’ve asked to taper off an anti-anxiety medicine because I’m feeling that my  flashbacks from our rollover accident will soon be a faded memory when I begin a specific treatment for PTSD: EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Has anyone experienced this type of therapy? I’ll let you know how it works once I try it out.

Take care and drive safely!


18 thoughts on “Dooney&Burke OOTD

  1. designtrolls says:

    In love with the bag! And good luck with the therapy – I haven’t heard too much about EMDR – but I have studied PTSD – so I really hope it helps you out and that it is not too long a process!

  2. Modmissy says:

    The bag is wonderful and can’t ignore the wonderful color of that coat! Glad to hear progress in your recovery. Take care.

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      Thanks! I saw and tried on a Fushia top today and I’m kinds regretting not buying it. But, I am headed to LA this weekend so I knew my limits. I’ll just have to keep with the Fushia lip color instead. 🙂

  3. KaKa says:

    Sounds like you’ve been through an awful accident! I’m glad ur on the mend though! Love the outfit too, gorgeous as usual!

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      🙂 TY! Just one medical issue after another following Mays accident. But yes! On the mend. 🙂

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