Reel Photos




-Reel Photos-



Reels oust mind when sets out to believe.

 Longingly gazing, 

 Unfolding captures- Oh!

 Our perceptions imaginatively gazes.

As Genuineness repletes, 

 Primes its superficial derma-

 On-top princely scaffolds.  


 As times descry upon synchronicity, 

 Heightening features by former attachments; only –

 Precludes a flowers musing,

 An iris defaulted by its kins detachments.


 Have we all become clouded?

 Easily pressed for prime time; and

 In character when buttons disintegrate.

 Then? As pixels shop, cut and edit, 

 True variances, 

 Wonders polarity- and, 

 Reels oust minds when sets out make-believe,  




Poetry and Media by Jeni 


Thank you for reading!  

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      TYG! 🙂 Im looking forward to some more of your post. Any plans to update?

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