Millennium Los Angeles


Looking up from Rendezvous Lounge

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel located in downtown Los Angeles was a special one night booking where I retreated after what was a harrowing Super Bowl Sunday loss but an opportunistic day shared with fellow 49er fan and BF from HS Andrea. She and her Husband Michael, hosted a comfortable and tasty football fared event at their awesome Spanish adobe home. This trip was well worth the short stay….

My United flight taxied on LAX @ noon where I shuttled my way towards Budget and picked-up a pearly white sedan Passat, later cruising along the hazards of LA traffic while baking under the sun-roof, too fixated between the route and Garmin’s robotic voice until arriving at destination where my jaw dropping was handled by Valet. (Smiling) Luckily, the concierge agreed for an early check-in where I collected myself on lucky floor 7, before scurrying south side for Superbowl kick-off.

The beautiful 1920’s ART DECO&REGAL establishment provided many amenities and luxuries such as the tranquil rendezvous lounge, indoor lap pool and posh dining to list a few, all contributing to the excellencies of this Hotel. I photographed favorite areas on Monday morning just before indulging myself with room service. Anyway, I tampered with the digital process using either cross processing, adjusting both hue and/or saturation, giving my photos the vintage look I felt this hotel traditionally upholds.

Click LINK to be directed to the hotels website for additional information.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll share my other mini downtown adventures……




Receptions Focal


Lighting Galore


Room Memo Pad


Lobby Hallway Galore


Tiffany Ball Room


Rendezvous Vantage Point

11 thoughts on “Millennium Los Angeles

  1. BLISS AT HOME says:

    That place that echoes a time lost. I can just imagine put together everyone looked back in the day. Gorgeous, J! Love your photos! xo K

    • Jeni Johnson says:

      They had a hallway designated with B&W photos of those earlier eras. Very Hollywood glam! On Monday am, a crew was setting up shooting in one of the many ballrooms. A sign read “extras this way.” I thought about it twice, walking through. 🙂

  2. prewitt1970 says:

    Girl after my own heart 49’s and the Biltmore in one sentence, love the Biltmore regular stay whilst in LA.
    In my option much more romantic then the ” new” hotels. Great share btw.

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