Yosemite Goes Green


I was very excited stepping up into the green charter bus Saturday at 645am. I greeted those who were all ready seated, claimed my seat two away from an overhead mini movie screen and wondered what the mystery movie for night would be. Physically I  was a bit sluggish that morning, having to wake up at 500am, but the anticipation for Mimosas were sure to bubble my mind for another few hours of sleep….

Well, one hour of extra sleep, because when I asked Bee to sit next to me, we snapped photos, giggled on about life and declared ourselves half Sisters. Later, I chatted it up with Brianne. We had contacted one another earlier, already establishing our group by hobby which oriented around photography. OF COURSE!

Although it was both Bee and Bri’s 1st trip to Yosemite, it was my 3rd but 1st time as an Adult and 1st trip without camping. While Yosemite National Park offers over 800 miles of hiking trials, the three of us choose to focus within a particular area, The Upper Falls.

I hope you enjoy the unedited photos below. Symbolizing nature in tribute to natural skill over dawdling technical forgery.


Over a decade ago, Yosemite organizers took on environmental changes managed by Delaware North’s award-winning program that helps keep Yosemite’s grand allure. The nature in which John Muir famously established as his forever home.

The changes brought forward includes, hybrid shuttles with 90% fewer emissions, free watering stations to prevent the overloads from plastic bottles, organic and sustainable foods throughout the restaurants where saving used vegetable oil for research by its uses of bio diesel fuel. These few changes have helped divert over a thousand ton of materials away from landfills. Also, 53% of waste and over 30 different materials recycled or used from recycled products. Going Green all right!

One hike, bike, climb, and step towards Eco preservation. Thank you Yosemite and special thanks to our trip organizer Grady!

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3 thoughts on “Yosemite Goes Green

  1. Ross Ramsey says:

    Love Yosemite. I used to drive up there often when I was younger. In the wintertime you can ice skate at the base of Half Dome. Great pics!!

  2. Bashar A. says:

    Yosemite is definitely on my list of places to visit… some of the scenery was incredible, lucky you 🙂 Nice pics.

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