Sobon Winery Vintage Pic #1

imageThis past Sunday I joined in another tour with my Travel Club where we chartered to 3 different wineries in Amador County. Our 1st stop nestled Sobon Estate. With Colonial period structures, a barnyard converted into a vintage treasure trove and a wine tasting room I pictured galloping horses once stabled.

As I walked into the far back room of the Sobon’s 1st Museum, centered between the barn and tasting room, the white paneled residence topped of an underground winery where I immediately took in my 1st official  grape crushing container. I knew these sepia grained barrels would be a b&w favorite, for in the dark, cool, dank cellar, I captured a history which began 125 years ago. Later, I’ll post industrious pics taken from the graveyard of Sobon Winery.

3 thoughts on “Sobon Winery Vintage Pic #1

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    That sounds so lovely, here in Oregon I live only 2-3min by car away from a number of winery’s. Plus being born in a vineyard in Napa you could say its in my blood. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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