Halloween, should we be horrified?

Stone Scared
Photographed by me, Jeni

As we approach All Hallows’ Eve, where Americas traditional activities carried forth by 19th century Irish & Scottish immigrants with the dressing in costumes, fright festive scares, pumpkin carving and mouth gorging trick-or-treat candies.

Halloween’s origin actually date back in Gaelic culture, when pagans celebrated the end of their harvest season on October 31st. Also a day they believed both dead and living encompassed earth. Gaels simulated evil by wearing costumes and masks in hopes of bluffing the dead from destroying crop with disease.

An interesting contrast would be Mexico’s Day of the Dead. Also celebrated on October 31st. Instead of fearing death, this culture exhume death with festivity honoring the deceased. Flowers adorn cities, skeletons and skulls symbolize mortality in a parade of remembrance.


It’s been an interesting day, familiarizing my self around our American holiday I playfully guise in fantasy. Candy a bonus. Adrenaline rush horror? Sure!

Halloween History.org
Shepard Software; Day of Dead

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  1. Worktop Guy says:

    Interesting look at the origins of Halloween, and I had no idea that the Day of the Dead was celebrated on October 31st too! So interesting, intriguing image too!

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