Baths, wine & sex….


The Carcalla bath house was built in Rome (212AD-216AD) during the reign of Roman Emperor, Carcalla. (Marcus Aurelius Severus Antoninus Augustus)  Now surrounded by a park, this expansive landmark was the 2nd largest bath house in Rome. Water was brought by way of the Aqua Marcia aqueduct. The central bath house rose 4 stories high with stairwells and windows overlooking the multi-purposed grounds used for exercise and as an underground temple of worship. Other uses have been disputed by many historians.

Still visible today are beautiful mosaic tiles made from natural materials such as Egyptian granite, Numidia marble, and Sparta porphyry (just to name a few). Each day, hundreds of stokes burned ten tons of wood which tempered the bath waters warm. Amazing!  I can imagine a very dense land without the lushness of trees.

So, did I fuel your curiosity with the title of my blog?  Here is how I came up with it:

“Balnea, vina, Venus corrumpunt corpora nostra; sed vitam faciunt balnea, vina, Venus.”


“Baths, wine and sex spoil our bodies, but baths, wine and sex make up life.”  Right?



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3 thoughts on “Baths, wine & sex….

  1. John says:

    If those walls could speak – what a tale they could tell.

    John, they’d say “baths, wine and sex!”

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