Roma Sum Up


Vera Wang Jacket, Zara Top, Top Shop Skirt, Ugg Shezbie, Celine Trapeze Handbag, Juicy Couture Necklace, Tiffany Bangle & Ted Baker Gloves.

I know, I know…it’s been over 3 weeks since I’ve been to Rome and 1 week since I’ve been to Brussels and I still haven’t posted any updates. With all the French monuments to visit and Parisian festivities going on, I’ve been really, really busy. My feet ache every day, I can barely type, let alone keep myself still without my nerves causing me agony.  But you know what? I’m going to keep on trekking the best I can.

I found some really comfy Ugg Shezbie Booties lined with wool fur. The thicker sole makes for walking along cobbled streets easier and all without sacrificing my fashion need for high heels.  For those who know first hand the styles and fashions in and around France & Italy, woman dress in their best (whatever that is) and love wearing blue and black hues with heels. I wore my Uggies to Rome but on the 2nd and 3rd day, I was back to my studded black Geox Modesty Hi-Tops that I ended up leaving behind by accident, in Brussels, Belgium last week. UG(G)H!  Beware travelers, try to forget the excitement of the moment and focus on your belongings before leaving every destination. Not only did I  leave behind my shoes but also my friends, Cole Haan.

Here’s a recap of my time in Rome. You can click on each picture for a larger view with brief description of that location.

As mentioned in my earlier post, my iPhone’s battery gave out just minutes into entering the Palatine Archeological Hill, one of the 7 hills of Rome. I recommend devoting hours wandering this site. This expansive historical land provides an array of monuments, archaic houses, and garden like settings perfect for photography or general relaxation. I spent my last hour watching the sun set over the ruins of Palatine Stadium. Whew! To take in such beautiful memories. I had a lasting sense of appreciation as I viewed the gleaming stream of sunshine colors bouncing with centuries old warmth among the monuments.

Roma! Salute!


St Peters Square. Spectacular! The Pope held a speech within the square with thousands of attendees sitting on folding chairs I watched setting up on my 3rd day and just before visiting the Vatican Museum.