It wasn’t just about the chocolates…in Brussels.

Steigenberger Grand Hotel

Steigenberger Grand Hotel

My Beau planned our trip to Brussels, Belgium a week before Christmas and surprised me with our stay at the  STEIGENBERGER GRAND HOTEL.  My oh my! A beautiful 4 to 4 1/2 star establishment in an awesome location and largely nestled among cozy boutiques and designer stores such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton. Also surrounding this area are a slew of restaurants offering many cuisines that cater to different cultures and appetites. Within close walking distance you can explore the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, visit the Rene Magritte Museum,  and explore The Coudenberg Palace and Palais de Brussels.


Best pita I ever ate was here!

N chocolatier -

Nehaus Createur Chocolatier – Chocolate Chain in Belguim.

Chocolate? Oh yeah, the chocolates of Belgium share their fair mark as one of the best tasting in the world! Out of the 5 different chocolatiers we visited, Laurent Gerbaud melted my heart into their cocoa goodness. My favourite selections included the chocolate covered fig and almond paste. Delicious!

Laurent Gerbaud was one of the few chocolatiers offering a place to sit and enjoy your sampling while sipping an espresso.Remember, when you are in Europe, most of the continents inhabitants drink their coffee in two sips. No mug or Venti here. You’ll have to go to Starbucks for that, but good luck finding one in Brussels. Just like in Italy, it’s a rarity to spot a Starbucks here. However, I’ve seen 4 Starbucks since visiting Paris (and I go in every time). LOL!

All photos by me, Jeni Johnson!

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