Crows Nest Is All Puckered Up


Before my week-long visit in San Mateo, I planned out an itinerary of all the coastal cities I’d plan to explore, keeping in mind of all the places I missed during previous visits. I still find it hard to remind myself of my own traveling motto, “NEVER expect to travel without delays or detours which offer surprising discoveries, because the many reasons for revisiting will follow you ALWAYS!”  I was right. Nothing I planned happened the way I planned. Not to say though, an inopportune experience because of it. It was actual better than I imagined!

On day 3, I headed towards Half Moon Bay, California. A well-to-do coastal town just south of Pacifica and along Highway 101. I parked my rental vehicle by HMB’s modest white adobe City Hall and walked along 4-6 blocks on Main Street. Frequently stopping in front of Mom&Pop type businesses with leisurely store hours I presumed too early for 10ish on a Wednesday to be open. HUH? Anyway, fine by me! I focused on practicing my photography than skimming the day off the coastline. But, other than just capturing the moments, I knew I wanted a souvenir, essentially useful and as valuable as the memory of my day. Hmm, If I hadn’t given clothing the option for keepsake, I would have never  had found the perfect souvenir. Enter, The Crows Nest.

You’ll have to peek at my Instagram account and figure out what I ended up buying, ( no, not clothes ) and while you’re there, be sure to follow @CROWNESTHMB to stay posted on the stores eclectic like accessories and easily coordinated apparel. The Instagram page also includes fashion tips including  a bit more and I hope if you’re in the area, you’d visit the boutique. Take in the complimentary drinks and calming space helped by candles and zen like displays.

Thank you and hugs to Angela! I love my precious souvenir. BTW, what color Chanel espadrilles did you decide on?