2 Bordeaux HDRscape Quickies

Place des Quinconces

(photos were taken by me, Jeni)

Here’s a teaser of last weekends trip to port city and wine country of Bordeaux….I’ve been trying to focus on my studies and subsequently neglecting my blog. Oh, how I miss interacting with everyone and contributing to my web journal as often as I had a year and two before. Promises, promises in which I keep breaking. Can you blame me? Travel. Love. School. Blog is in there somewhere. At least I instagram regularly.


Click here to read more about this beautiful fountain…

4 thoughts on “2 Bordeaux HDRscape Quickies

  1. whinybaby says:

    Bordeaux is one of my favorite cities. In the whole world. Wine, bread, and hidden courtyards: yes please. And also, that fountain is awesome.

    • Jeni says:

      Yes, a beautiful little/big city is great area for exploration and antiquing. We went to 3 wine vineyards and tatted some very rare Rose wine. TASTY and for 6euro a bottle a steal.

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