Wine, Wine & What Else?

Bordeaux, Bordeaux Clairet, Bordeaux Rose (most rare) Bordeaux Superier and Cremant de Bordeaux are all wine variants produced exclusively in France’s wine region, (and yes you guessed it) Bordeaux! With several regional areas harvesting grapes and producing distinct elements for wine, you’re able to attend wine school or oenological weekends with visits to vineyards for wine-tastings to over 100 hundred chateaus. Taught by the Romans, Bordeaux began wine making at around 500bc and remains the leading wine manufacturer in the world today!

Booking with Ophorus Excursions & Tours in France, we selected the, Classified Growths of Margaux. A half day tour to Margaux appellation where we wine tasted at Chateau Dauzac and Chateau Desmirail, with a brief visit to the world-famous Chateau Margaux. We had a english-speaking guide who was very informative throughout our tour while driving us through the countryside in a 8 person caravan to our destinations.


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Bordeaux areas of interest

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Les Grands Hommes

My four night stay in Bordeaux also included bike excursions and street nook explorations, antiquing, (found a replacement bar cart! Like the one I had here…..) and both comfort foods and fine dining experiences with wine, wine and, what else? Wine.

These photos briefly sum up my trip to Bordeaux! Thanks for viewing my pictures and sharing in my adventures!


Jardin botanique de Bordeaux

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