Oui! Aix Marks The Spot

Aix sounds like ex, as in “X marks the spot.” Aix is considered the city of art, light, activity and is famous for its many fountains! Aix is also a home of art schools and several universities, including some American where my friend attended college for a time. Truly a beautiful and ancient atmosphere which dates back to 123 BC when the name given by the Romans and comes from the Latin word Aquae Sextiae. Well, Aix is famously dubbed as “the city of 1000 fountains.”

Aix-en-Province is a provencal town with artisan flare, a noticably different french (southern)  accent. A place where people appear to give off more of a lax attitude. Makes sense? With so much water around like natural springs and the Mediterranian sea a short drive away, I can see why someone would want to spend the rest of their lives here. Located just 30 minutes from the busy port city of Marseille, which is the second largest city in France next to Paris, one could feel that Aix would be the perfect get-away from a busier life.

I hope you visit! I know I’d like to go back… find the other fountains…and maybe settle one day…


One of the many fountains…

Fontaine des Neuf Canons constructed in 1691

Fontaine des Neuf Canons constructed in 1691

Jardin d'Albert

Jardin d’Albert