The Fishermans Chateau

Bienevue au Château de la Bussiere!

Once a medieval castle, turned into a private residence in the 17th century is this gorgeous property located in village Loiret…and guess what, dogs are allowed to stroll the grounds with you!

For the last 200 hundred years, the Chasseval family have owned this property and maintain the expansive land to this day by offering receptions, educational and self-guided tours around a 6 hectare pond, lush landscaping, a gorgeous garden with over a thousand different species of plants and flowers, a courtyard where you can peer into the horse stables, browse the game room, touch the chapel walls and tour three levels of the actual residence. Photography isn’t allowed within the château but you’ll see furnishings and paintings from the 16th-19th centuries, gold guild rooms and a basement level full of uniquely strange aquatic memorabilia and other fishermans (fisherpersons) equipment.

I’ll leave it up to you to google other websites offering more details about this area and I hope that you’ll get an opportunity to visit one day. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a picnic and of course your dog!

Thank you for dropping by!