Buffalo? No a Musk Ox moved in.

2018! My oh my, where has the time gone? With a lot of changes in 2017 such as buying our flat,  remodeling and settling in whilst mixing in some traveling to places such as Milan, Dubai, Singapore and California, the year has whisked by! I can’t imagine what this year will bring but I’m most definitely looking forward to bringing some new things to the new year as well!

If you know me by now, you know that I have a soft spot for animals, particularly for dogs. So when I was asked to collaborate on a print project with the lovely folks at Printler, I surprised my self by choosing  (what I thought was a buffalo but really) a Musk Ox print from their company. A web shop dedicated to “framed art and artistic posters” from photographers all around the world! With hundreds of incredible and interesting options to choose from, I took my time going through their selection and for some reason, I kept going back to this Myskoxe, by Sweden photographer Håkan Olsson.

I’ve never owned an animal print and now I’m realizing that this gorgeous bull-headed animal with its strong understated gaze, broad shoulders and demanding pose as photographed here reminded me so much of our little blue French Bulldog Laffy. Am I silly? Nah.Laffy and OxFrenchbull dog on sheepskin rug.Muskoxe Musk Ox Håkan OlssonIMG_5010

Thank you! Thank you so much Printler! I enjoyed styling this print! Gros Bisous! 




Poster: https://printler.com/en/photo/11069 in size 50×70 with white border.

Frame: http://www.castorama.fr in size 50×70 Erina Oak Frame.



Welcome Home Lorelei

Hello Lovelies!


In general consensus. 

Are already following The Printable Concept on Instagram?

THE PRINTABLE CØNCEPT, Created by Julie who herself is an artist, graphic designer and the entrepreneur of this webshop whose digital pages are beautifully presented and go in-line with the prints both she and the carefully selected artists have created for a monochromatic & minimalist lover such as myself. I’ve been following Julie’s Instagram account for awhile and when I saw Lorelei, I fell in love with this print!

Lorelei, designed by artist Julie Groleau, is still looking for a permanent home in our flat, but knowing me, this sexy and thought provoking print will be moving around and around for years to come. Instagram will have to tell her story in pictures  but for now, she’s styled here…


Our chill dog model.


Cool graphic design speaks for itself.


Surrounded by girls much?

Bisous from Paris!





Cocotte Moi en Sesame

Une nouvelle découverte!

I discovered something new while in BHV home department, Les bols Gourmet Terra Sesame from Degrenne.


I love the double textured materials in these well crafted serving bowls with the finished inside and raw sandstone ceramic finish on the outside. I bought the 50cl bowl with lid, the 30cl and the smallest at 7cl. Rather than using them as originally intended on thier website, I thought displaying them as a sculptural collection would look great in our dining room and thus allows me to place little precious things within each of them. What do you think? Aren’t these little beauties fitting right in with the rest of our home?


J’aime les matériaux à double texture dans ces bols de service bien conçus avec l’intérieur fini et la finition en céramique de grès brut à l’extérieur. J’ai acheté le bol de 50cl avec couvercle, le 30cl et le plus petit à 7cl. Plutôt que de les utiliser comme prévu à l’origine sur leur site web, je pensais les afficher comme une collection sculpturale qui serait superbe dans notre salle à manger et me permet ainsi de placer des petites choses précieuses dans chacun d’eux. Qu’est-ce que vous pensez?





Merci Degrenne! Ce sont superbe qualite et design!