Scandalous Flashback 1971 YSL

IMG_6813On January 29, 1971 Yves Saint Laurent presented his Spring/Summer collection called “Années quarante” or “Libération.” The collection was daring and even more sexually suggestive than previous years and became the new era for square shoulders, short dresses, loose frills and exaggerated makeup…

Although the collection was heavily criticized by the press, his designs paved the way to the retro trend in the 70’s which quickly ended up conquering the streets and clubs.

My friend Maria and I spent a short hour at the exhibition viewing the progressive collection considered too daring for that time. Cameras aren’t allowed in the museum so make sure you leave with plenty of visual memory or maybe a book from the boutique upstairs like I did!

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YSL 1971 popular print



Maria outside the Fondation Pierre Berge


See the exhibition here:

Fondation Pierre Berge

3 rue Leonce Reynaud

75016 Paris France

Open 11-18 everyday except Mondays




Vintage Typer


Captured @ Sobon Winery Historical Museum

A voice heard without a face unseen is by far my least favorite way of communicating with someone.

I’d rather follow the etching of written words, noticing the handwriting as if it shaped the persons feelings when written. I’d study their penmanship and read their words. The written word displays effort, sincerity, genuine thought or lack thereof. I adore this method of communication.

The art of writing fades within the folds of greeting cards & guarded journals.