From Hazel to Black…


Once where fire burned and laid the warmth which grew those sparks in my eyes…

remain buried in their embers.

The smouldering hazels are silenced through the darkness of ash and night.

 Flames black in their disguise.




Scotland’s Subway Spirit

Scotland cable car

Glasgow District Subway:Buchanan Street

Slaved Metal

Tunnel winds coo softly-
Imagine ye’ ear listening for ghostly sirens,
Along the rusted iron rails.
Scots rattling cobbles,
Atop the rising steel nails.
Glasgow chain revolving vault-
Amiss deaths bone rears jest spirit presence,
Gripper carriage engraved #41.

Photography&Poem by Jeni

O’ Scotland

GLASGOW GREEN: 1967 John Hume

GLASGOW GREEN: 1967 John Hume

Thistle o’ Scotland

Ye heed !

Scots isle mires,
Mount rumble slopes & horn rolling greens.
Ole –
Silver lined canvas,
Casting shadow plumes & aerial Clyde seagulls.

“A’m away.”

Echo Glens edge & perches Victoria groves.
Glasgow dawn emerges,

Aye –
Merry Gaelic bagpipes & kilt belted plaid.
Burd sings mornin’

Ye ken ?

Thistle o’ Scotland



I’m headed on a week-long vacation to Scotland on the 12th! Looking forward to sharing some amazing photographs and new adventures in the UK!