Ageing Gracefully

Ugh, I have another birthday coming up. In fact its a very monumental birthday as it’s always had such a strong sense of significance in my life since my young age of 15 or 16. I always thought I’d die young and well, I almost did. This past May during a motor vehicle accident. But no, I’m alive yet I’m only feeling partially viable. Death would have been so much easier, I think. So maybe that day was all it was, a wake up call. That was a day I envisioned all these years…but it wasn’t death that rolled me to my undertaker, merely the notion of its trauma  has given me “another chance at life,” my Oma once told me.  So why then, am I so discontent of growing older? Am I that vain or in remorse that all I could have and wished for failed at its fulfilment.  Nonetheless, I have a loyal Man by my side whose Otter sense of abilities keeps me challenged , a Pug child who curls his tail with my every smile. They are both ageing with me and just maybe I can start saying “Im _  years young.”

Why is it for a some of us, a significant birthday or a near death experience awakens our desire for change, whether that be a career choice, having a family, perennial hobbies or taking care of our bodies more. I’m noting all four significantly. I’m now experiencing life head on and it’s looking back at me and I’m thinking “Wow, fix me.”  You see, it’s both the physical appearances and rooted fervent desires which adhere to how I feel. Twisted right? Perhaps what I hoped I’d have accomplished back burned. Thus leading to this translucent emotional distortion. I’m just trying to take care of everything as orderly as I can, going step by step repairing the evident physical appearance from the outside and then within. A bit twisted some may say, but for me it’s the dawning of my days…..

So, with all that said, I commence a beauty review. I’ve given these Lancome products 4 full days of trial and I am so happy with the results! The Primordiale Nuit skin recharge has visibly shown supple results and glowing skin! The Photogenic Lumessesnce smoothing makeup is flawless and light, feeling very weightless while it distributes its tint evenly across my skin. The Hypnose mascara in onyx color very easy to apply and has definitely added volume to my lashes. Plus the shape holds very well without caking my lashes even after 4 applications! I highly recommend these products and am happy that I’ve graduated to another beauty product. With age comes change and my beauty routine must adhere as well. 

Great packaging.

Simplistic design.

No Photoshopping here!