Atelier CHP Abstract Design in Living


Hi there!

I’ve been meaning to share this new print that I had received from The Poster Club. An online retailer based out of Copenhagen specializing in a variety of prints from many on trend and established artists. This particular one that I choose was created by Atelier CHP and is simply titled ‘Abstract Construction.  I love it!

As quoted on their website,

‘For this collection we explored different styles from cubism to abstract sculptures. The inspiration for the limited collection is found in contrasting materials and sculptures where the human face gets interpreted in an abstract way. The art work is created by layering elements of hand painted shapes and colours. The colour palette is inspired by the 70ties adding a splash of colour to the home’.

I selected this print for 2 main reasons. 1; it did reflect a conceptual face and reminded me of the complexities of our Sapien expressions and 2; the monochromatic colour scheme wouldn’t detach from the interior style already in place yet still added depth and structure for a minimally designed space. Wouldn’t you agree?




Big thanks to everyone who contributed in the creating & distributing of this art work!

Bisous from Paris!



Flora Day at Monet’



Claude Monet lived in his home at Giverny for forty-three years. Within that time, he had meticulous ideas for his landscapers who gardened beautiful flowers outside the home and around a pond. You can immerse yourself in the world of the painter, famous for his landscape canvases and numerous views of his garden, such as the “Water Lilies,” the “Japanese Bridge” and “The Irises.”

Our timing was unpropitious as we arrived too early in the season to witness the water lilies blooming on the water. Nonetheless, the gardens were resplendent and the pond more lustrous than I imagined. One can easily spend a few hours sitting on one of the benches and staring off amongst the many species of flora. For those nature-enthused photographers keen on macro, landscapers seeking inspiration, art students dabbling with impressionism or an admirer of nature or history, this place is definatley worth the visit!



Explore alternative culture in the heart of Paris

59 Rivoli

I discovered something fun and creative this weekend and it’s even free!  This atelier to over 30 artists is open 6 days a week and offers 6 ample floors of splattering art displays that range from the graphic to the kitschy, impressionist, modern, and mixed media. Every floor is bright & vibrant with plentiful decor resembling an artist squatters heaven. Some may consider this place an artists hoard but don’t mind the disarray because this building is fun, fun, fun to explore! We were so lucky to come across it whilst on a spur of the moment tromp through the 1st arrondissement.

59, Rue de Rivoli

75001 Paris France

Free Admission

59 Rivoli

59 Rivoli

59 Rivoli

59 Rivoli

59 Rivoli

59 Rivoli

59 Rivoli

59 Rivoli