Etsy Girls @ HelloXOXO & Vintage Poem


This past Friday our Girls Club met at HelloXOXO on 919 20th street. A tucked away gem designed for a photography studio now turned host for an Etsy crafting event. As I approached the familiar brick structure, remembering the Woman’s Thrift Store organized in helping battered and abused Woman re-enter the work force. Where is their organization now?  I lived on the corner of 19th&J in a studio loft apartment above Original Pete’s Pizza. The smell of tomato sauce lingered with me until I stepped inside to the likes of sorbet.  A white icebox with lime accents anchors on top ornate bicycle wheels you’d envision in a European park.

The nostalgia of my surroundings settled quickly as I admired the glam modern furnishings and awe capturing moments of photographs strewn in the front window and various places throughout. Towards the back, a long table of  goodies  selectively picked for their pastel flare was quite intimidating. How does one eat something so pretty? Buckets and brushed tins added a whimsical array that lined past cupcakes we could decorate, chocolates and fudge bites, and whatever more before leading Refreshments. Oh Martha Stewart, you’d be proud, scooping out popcorn from a cutesy vintage pop maker into pastel-colored stenciled paper bags and clothes pins holding stationary punch out cards. Too cute!

We managed to muster up our group for a-

Giggle & Riot Fun Booth photo shoot


Meet Katie! Check out her eclectic jewelry remixes!

Here’s a poem for you Katie, my gift in exchange for your treasure. Thank you!

~Katie Tyler~

Porcelain skin

wrapped black&white bow tied spirit!

undisguised of youthful artistry nether pink grin humbles her shy brilliance .

curling highlights by lemon rinds!

Vintage brims&bridges sweet shyness!

Inked skin

~Kayydee Danger~

Please visit This ‘n’ That Thrift and Gift @ 2590 21st street Sacramento CA 95818 (916)457-1877


Matchboxes, thimbles and treasure boxes

Ice Cream social on Friday July 5th beginning @ 5pm at the address listed above.  Meet and greet street merchants and pick up something unique for your self or someone else. Proceeds help to support families with substance abuse and violence. For more info or to volunteer.


Thanks for reading!