I Didn’t Go To London For The Fish & Chips…

I wrapped up my 2 day stay in London fairly quickly with lots of picture-taking. Day one of my trip began within the robust Apple Market where ironically, not a single vendor sold apples. By mid day, I zoomed in and around Covent Garden, perusing through the sprouting stores where merchants offered prices ‘just right’ for nearly everyone’s pocket book. Seeing that covent garden was a popular tourist trap, I had a great deal of fun noticing the life around me. Street performers nearly stepping on the soles of tourists with unicycles or size 20 plus clown shoes. With all the hoopla going on around London and just normal day-to-day living, no one stepped inside one of those London phone booths for a must-have photo….at least not that I witnessed. As for myself, I fought back the urge for a selfie in the phone booth countless of times… (LAUGHING). Instead, I stepped into a lot of places to eat!

On day two, I spent a great deal capturing mid-century stones from within the mid-evil Tower of London, contemplating how I would break the glass to steal a handful of red rubies from the Crown Jewel Collection. Subsequently I would spend a lifetime in a cell and become infamously known as one of London’s thieving captives whose realized the rubies were fakes! HAH! After the few hours I spent touring The Tower, I walked along the London Bridge where it spread beautiful teal blue arches over what looked-like dark griddle oil in the river Thames below.

Through all the zigzagging and picture-taking in my two days in London, I became a ravenous tourist ready to pounce on my food like a lion on a royal coat of arms in an uproar stance. I accomplished this all without the fish & chips London is most known for. Maybe next time. For now enjoy my foodies photos below.


Unit 3 Quay Side E1W 1BA, Katherine Docks, London

 #020 7680 7850



388 Strand, London WC2R OLT

#020 7240 4515


Take Korean food to go or stay! I ate the spicy chicken over rice. YUMMY

Kimchee Restaurant-Take Korean food to go or stay! I ate the spicy chicken over rice. YUMMY



33 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1BH

#020 7836 9121




66 Chandos Place London WC2N 4HG

#020 7240 1883


Various Locations

Some additional the random pics. I hope your hungry now.


‘Till next time