DIY Project; Distressed Terracottas

I salvaged these 3 Habitat terracotta pots from our street side about 2 months ago and rather than buying the dirt and plants and later having to deal with hauling heavy plants from flat to flat, (plans to move within the next couple of years) I finally woke up this morning with a bright idea for a project! TABLES!

What a cheaper alternative than buying new tables when I become disinterested with my older ones. If you’ve followed my blog since those days while I lived in Sicily, you know that I enjoy sharing simple DIY projects and for the cheapest way possible. Also, you would know that I love using outdoor elements as indoor decor, right? Remember the sea bark? How about my rocks?

Anyways, I headed up to our local Castorama (past the fabulous Tour Eiffel. Check out todays instagram) and bought the cheapest paint possible at only 8.95 euros. My brush? Just 4.80 euros. Voila! You don’t always need a lot of money or need a bunch of materials to pull of a DIY project. Simply put in French, “Comment vous preferez!”

Here’s how I did-it-myself and all the materials I used.

Habitat terracotta pots

Habitat terracotta pots, why not keep the distressed look even with white top coat?


Just the essentials; basic white paint, 2 brushes an old sheet and rag.

Use a dust brush to remove  underlying dirt and outdoor debris

Use a dust brush to remove any underlying dirt and outdoor debris.

I used a multi-use paint with slight sheen I thought would work both indoors and outdoors.


I love the home store, Habitat! Why would any one toss these? Moving and didn’t want to haul them?

Just one layer of paint...

Just one layer of paint using a long sweeping motion and then alternating to a dapping motion.

Once almost dry, take a wet rag...

Once the paints almost dry, take a wet rag.

Using circular motions to create a faux distressed look.

Use circular motions to create a faux distressed look. Re-paint if some areas become too sparse. I did!

I think this part looks great!

I think this part looks great and so I  barely covered it with paint. Very distressed looking…


Finished! I set dry for 3 hours…


This is how I’m decorating them “FOR NOW.” Our new-old bed side tables.

Kind of organic looking right?

Kind of an organic way to decorate. If that’s even the term. Any how, I LOVE IT!

One for the terrace.

One for the terrace.

The Charing Cross Hotel

For anyone wishing to visit London and needing accommodations, it was recommend that I stay in the centrally located, elegantly designed and Victorian setting of The Charring Cross Hotel. The reception was very friendly by welcoming me with drinks while the concierge were very helpful for setting up excursions around the cities main attractions. My companion was right, although from his past experience, my stay was a lot better. No wifi breakdowns and nicer room at the same rate.

Below are some of my pictures taken from within and outside the hotel. If you would like more information about the hotel please click this link. I’ll share other pictures of my trip to London @ next post. Hopefully I can get back to posting more often now that I’m on hiatus from learning French in a language school. In the meanwhile, I can focus on my love for photography until I start teaching English in September and begin weekly classes at Sorbonne in October. Then I’ll really be busy and unsure about how often I’ll have a post to add to my web diary.

Soo…this is why I’m enjoying all the traveling I’m doing now! Next trip? Lux anyone?

The Charring Cross Hotel Outside

Located to London West End.

Conveniently located next to subway lines.

Conveniently located next to subway lines. 


Corridor to lifts & lounges


Waiting for someone?

Charming work station.

Charming work station.


Vintage Bar Cart : Deux


While perusing through Bordeaux’s antique shops, I spotted a modern, 2 tiered glass tray top, silver boxed bar cart for 160 euro. I began to squeal in delight because of its beauty, despite the crack on the top tray, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Until, that is, one the dealers led me further into his shop and pointed out the one you see pictured. Imagine the squeals then!

I was able to work the shop owner down to 70 euro (from 120!)

A day later…a 2 hour train ride back to Paris, a painful hail for a taxi at the hectic Montparnasse Center and carrying it up four flights of narrow spiraling steps, until the cart reached its permanent home! It will now happily serve anyone who’s in need of a drink.


For those of you who have followed my blog since my Sicily days, you may remember the brass bar cart I bought at the Catania open air market for super cheap! It was just 23 euro! ( Travelers beware: Be ready for the price differences between Italy and France! )

For those who are curious about my former bar cart, you can see the post here @ VINTAGE BAR CART.