CitizenM RED, REd, Red, red

Up the spiral staircase...

Up the spiral staircase…

The 1st featured photo above was nearly captured using my Nikon manual setting which naturally picked up the red hue from walls, red tinted window and low sun. This photo is my absolute photo from the hotel. The only editing feature was near 50% loupe sharpening technique to puff out the details of the clouds and darkening edge filter which also saturated the all ready red hues of the room.

Click LINK directed to their website to see their colorful photos.

CitizenM Hotel

60 Renfrew Street, (corner of Hope Street)

Glasgow, Scotland, G2 3BW

Vintage Bar Cart

I’ve wanted a vintage bar cart for years. This past Sunday we headed to the vintage/flea market in Catania for the 1st time. There it was, in all her brass and vintaged glory. Negotiating down to 23 euro, she was sold to me. With just a little bit of metal polish using a dry cloth, I restored her whilst keeping some of the tarnished condition in order to preserve her history. That ring or stain on the bottom wood? Just dust outlines; gone. How old is this…..?

Similar here or here or here– WOW!!!!

Cocktail anyone?

Before the clean up….

This took a lot of silver polish!


 Crystal glasses….

Shinier! Patron anyone?

La Via Della Seta Perfume

I couldn’t resist these beautiful gold bottles with their ornate tops and sensual fragrances from our local Village market. They had just come in and and I selected my two favorites. The teal, Muschi Bianchi del Tibet with its white musk magnetic fragrance that embraces with harmonious persistence along with its matching body oil. White musk is said to make the skin irresistibly silky and velvety as it nourishes the skin. With hints of rose and spices this scent is very exotic. The oil is applied to wet skin and massaged gently, giving my skin an extra glow!

The red, Coralla dell’atolla di Ari, charms corals that encloses the emotions of a sunset walk along Maldavian beach. This scent is my favourite smelling of apples, coconuts and sweet peas and whatever else I cant make out but love! I’m actually favouring these scents over my Juicy’s Viva la Juicy, Chanel’s Mademoiselle, Victor&Rolf Flower Bomb and Coach Poppy right now! But I am a girl and I’ll keep changing the way I smell…

Share! Tell me, what are your favourites?


  • Pull&Bear Necklace. Soon to be worn in my upcoming and 1st Sugar Lips Apparel Look
  • Ikea Teal Vase
  • La Via Della Seta (The Silk Road) Perfumes by the Compagna delle Indie. Made and distributed in Italy