Moods for a Weekend Getaway, OOTD

Sorry, you can’t come with us.

Yes, I’ll miss you too!

You voted!

Showing off my new ring.

Ok, the suns out again.

Almost ready!

I’m really excited!

Hey everyone, as I mentioned yesterday we’re headed to a weekend retreat, a nice surprise getaway for two. Bags packed and I’m ready to go, not without a mini OOTD shoot. See those clouds? Yay I get to wear a scarf! Anyway, remember my freddie&cinnamon poll? Well my gorgeous heart band ring arrived the other day and I’m happy to show it off! Be sure you check out their website here! Have a great weekend everyone ! Catch you all up next week! 


freddie&cinnamon voters poll

I’ve got my golden eyes on you freddie&cinnamon and its flashy, dangles and its brimming. Decisions, decisions. Why do you make it so arduous to find the perfect statement piece when your whole collection is amazing!

Fellow readers, I need your help. I’m taking a poll, please vote or comment on which of the 3 are your favourites that you’d like me to own? I know! They are all remarkable, made with precious metals and elegant stones. But I can only have one…so which is it? 

Thanks for your help everyone and be sure to check out their website by clicking on the links above or checking out their blog here.

Teeny Bikini&Blue Topaz OOTD

Screen Shot 2012-07-15 at 8.44.49 AMYay! I was so excited that my beautiful gold chain and pendant with blue topaz arrived from the Post Office Thursday. So classically packaged, beautifully hand crafted and dearly noted by freddie&cinnamon, who I represented in an earlier entry. So I thought, just how was I going to show case my fabulous gift? Ah! Golden like the sun and blue topaz like the clear waters of Sicily, I headed down to our neighborhoods beach for a brave bikini OOTD photo-op. The necklace was so inspiring, the sea water very inviting and everything just seemed to pair well today! I am so grateful for this lovely necklace!

Thank you Olga and Magda, freddie&cinnamon for life!



  • freddie&cinnamon, gold blue topaz pendant and chain
  • Zara, bikini
  • Zara, jean button down
  • Volcom, hat with DIY jean fabric
  • Street Fair Sunnies
  • Michael Kors, gold flip flops