I’m all ears!

While on a walk along one of my new favorite streets I headed into Mobilhome Paris, a great store specializing in decorative objects and jewelry pieces from mostly Scandinavian design. I needed a little souvenir for myself and so when I saw these Tabitha Circle Dot Hanger earrings designed from Danks Smykkekunst I had to have them. I love their simplistic design with hammered round rings and most especially the way that they loop through the ear for different looks as shown on instastory the other day.

Now I have some others in mind that I’d love to embellish my ears with! How about this silver beauty, that or these? With those prices…OUIASSS!!!



Vintage Bar Cart

I’ve wanted a vintage bar cart for years. This past Sunday we headed to the vintage/flea market in Catania for the 1st time. There it was, in all her brass and vintaged glory. Negotiating down to 23 euro, she was sold to me. With just a little bit of metal polish using a dry cloth, I restored her whilst keeping some of the tarnished condition in order to preserve her history. That ring or stain on the bottom wood? Just dust outlines; gone. How old is this…..?

Similar here or here or here– WOW!!!!

Cocktail anyone?

Before the clean up….

This took a lot of silver polish!


 Crystal glasses….

Shinier! Patron anyone?