Taking Chances


As the evening darkened and the smoke from Mt Etna began to rest within her Volcanic bosom, I watched as Shaun felicitously balance his way along drift wood. At that moment, he symbolized all the chances he had begun taking, selecting a job transfer within a new country, re-enrolling in school and giving up more of himself, to better himself. To take care of us. It’s not an easy task, but everything worth doing is worth risking…….

When the sun finally rested its warm soul on the other side of the world, I realized that just like the sun, I had a better half. You may not always know what’s ahead of you, but you can always expect something on the other side. That “something” is always worth finding out. Shaun never lost his balance on that drift wood and when he looked back at me and smiled, his “something” ended up being fortuitous as well.