What girl doesn’t love purses? I admit, I’ve always been partial to my Kate Spades, Michael Kors and Zara’s but when I came across navoh’s website and perused through their beautifully designed website with classy designs and details of city edge chic. At such affordable prices and PETA friendly materials my mouth muttered, “NAVOH ME!” For those Vegan conscious, this brand is for you!

Though the summer is all bright and filled with color, I’m thinking ahead. Black chic it is and since a few navoh bags featured in magazines such as, US Weekly and Glamour, select retailers now carry their hot trend-setting designs. Check out their website, as their design stock limited and sell quickly!

This is a favorite with a fun shape, what do you think? 

Black Punch Bag

Black Punch Bag

Year round practical uses of classy, never out of trend shapes and details, keeps a bag in rotation. Why not add a little PUNCH, to this Iris Punch bag which is so cute and retails for $99.00. Can’t go wrong! Wouldn’t you feel like a bad ass wearing that bag over your shoulder too? WINK! So definitely check out their website and see what other colors and styles are available! Really, I’m in love with each one of their bags, so chain me, clasp me, and tassel me navoh! 

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‘Till next time! Pugs and Kisses!