If I hear the phrase of “Nice is NICE” again, I’m liable to vomit. Just Kidding.

Hello readers! How are you? Such strange times we are living amid covid. I’m not sure how everyone else is coping but our little family have managed to be doing well and I hope the same for all of you. 

It felt a bit restricting being isolated in place in a small apartment in Paris so I felt a bit odd when Spring confinement was lifted and we decided that our next two holidays were spent in the confines of other small apartments. We felt we should stay in the country of France, it was absolutely the most respectful decision and best for OUR peace of mind.  Our first get-away was in the most southern end of Bretagne in Pitou (Brittany region along the French atlantic coast) in May where I shared most if it on my IG and stories. The most recent this month along the cote d’azur of Nice (pronounced niece- located in the south east) where I took a break from social media. I KNOW!

The plus side from not renting a country gite is that we were beach side and it felt wonderfully refreshing. A whole day can go by just lounging away or swimming in the water. Aside from eating, swimming is one of my favorite activities to be doing whilst on vacay. Actually anything involving water is by far, my favorite holiday or leisurely past time.


Staying in Old Town Nice was the right choice for our holiday. The location is absolutely perfect if you are looking for an old town where you feel you are in a time warp between the various surrounding neighborhoods. This concentrated area is filled with tall pastel colored structures, thousands of restaurants, ice creameries, boutiques catering to tourists, monday brocantes and daily morning food markets and is the most interesting and vibrant area to explore. The squares were densely filled with tourists, (warning; not abiding by the mask rule) and offering everything an active city traveler desires. 


We rented a four story walk-up just a stones throw from the Mediterranean. It took us  literally two minutes to reach the Promenade des Anglais and its inviting part of the sea. Oui, oui, oui all 7km of the shoreline is rocky but I suggest buying a yoga or cushioned beach mat and please don’t forget the water shoes! There are plenty of paid for use plages where you can comfortably rent a chair and umbrella for the whole day for an average 22 euros per person without obligation to buy food&drinks. I much prefer the later. Spend the extra euros if you can and carve out a lounger for yourself. 





We all enjoyed the sleepier parts of old town, away from the popular squares and commerce. 



Thank you for dropping by! If you’ve visited Nice before, let us know how you enjoyed your trip. 

Take care et gros bisous!




Lets go back, back, back to Buckhorn, Korea.

Surrounded by Gyeongbokgung & Changdeokgung Palaces, Jongmyo Royal Shrine, Buckhon is a residential area of Seoul and called, “the street museum in the urban core,” having many historical spots and cultural heritage sites. My last weekend in Korea, I spent with my cousins, gawking at the sites around us while goofing off in our outdoor photo booth. My oh my, we Asians love our photos!

There were many cafes! Just as many as Paris? Italy? The difference being that almost every cafe did not open until 11am on Sunday mornings. Hmmmm…..

Once I spotted a restaurant serving American breakfasts I had to convince my family to try it. I cannot remember if they ever ate an American breakfast. If so, maybe McDonalds’ version? Hah! Anyways, our meal was soo delicious!

For anyone missing the comforts of American food, I highly recommend eating at Coco Bruni.

With our stomachs full, we explored the National Folk Museum of Korea where the museum exhibits historical  artifacts related to Korean folk. The five-story pagoda is built atop a huge stone foundation and makes for a striking focal point.  Surrounding the pagoda are a park-like setting with winding pathways leading to many statues and historical monuments. There’s even a walk-through village replicating merchant living from after World War 1.

Guess what? No entrance fee!

It was only 1~ish and we still had many more adventures yet to come…..

Thank you for dropping by! I’ll share my Vienna experience on my next posts.