From Hazel to Black…


Once where fire burned and laid the warmth which grew those sparks in my eyes…

remain buried in their embers.

The smouldering hazels are silenced through the darkness of ash and night.

 Flames black in their disguise.




Visit a French Poet at Place des Vosges

Meet Victor Hugo, sort of. One of the most celebrated authors of the 19th century and one of France most highly acclaimed poet, novelist and artist. He’s known by most for such works as Notre-Dame de Paris, (Hunchback of Notre-Dame) more notably; Les Misérables and Les Travailleurs de la Mer, just to name a few.

Touring the Red Drawing Room.

Touring the Red Drawing Room.

If your planning a trip to Paris, why not check out The Victor Hugo Museum (French; Maison de Victor Hugo ) who lived here for 16 years from 1832–1848. Even though it’s one of the cities lesser known museums, nicely tucked away on a corner of one of Paris’ beautifully arched passageways, it’s far less crowded and you can easily spend an hour rambling through the museums 7 rooms. I visited Hugo’s home this past Saturday for the first time..


For those on a budget, you’ll love the museums FREE entry, like I did! If you’d like an audio guide, the museum offers one in 6 different languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese) for a nominal fee of 5€. Instead, I bought the Maison de Victor Hugo Museum Guide book for just 10€. The book provides detailed information about every room, displays colorful photography and devotes sections of writings and genealogy of Victor Hugo himself.  The book is definitely worth buying because you’ll find condensed information within the book and not having to research his life through different websites for information about to Victor Hugo.

The original architectural layout isn’t true to his past while living there, and that’s only because the building had been renovated to accommodate an academic setting. Many of Hugo’s furnishings and paintings from his former residences, before, during and after exile were donated to help bring back to life, his former apartment. You can read in detail about each room and see the evolving changes throughout the Maison de Victor Hugo Museum Guide or opt for the audio guide instead.

Wether you studied Victor Hugo, enjoyed his writings, seen any of his plays or made for cinema movies, then make Maison de Victor Hugo a sight-seeing to-do list while in Paris.

Maison de Victor Hugo
6 place des Vosges
75004 Paris
(33) 01 42 72 10 16


Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm
Closed on Mondays and public holidays


Free Admission

Place Des Vosges Square, The museum is on the corner left ahead.

Place Des Vosges Square, The museum is on the corner left ahead.

Sewol out of Busan

Eyes rippling salty rings hold their sails heavy with fleets drowning in ocean. Sea-

faces full of barnacles abraded rough by the outlines of drowning scars.

Why students penchant to bow while a stern mouth hallows?

When vessels without shorelines are buried by ocean.

Never excusing their names or ages,

 ‘Till seas unbreakable storms,

 can spare a tipping boat

full of children.

( In memory of those perished on the vessel Sewol, Jeni )

I’d like to share some pictures taken during my trip to Busan, South Korea, the countries 2nd largest city next to its capital of Seoul. Where ever since hearing about the unfortunate maritime accident where hundreds of passengers perished while their transport to Jeju Island turned for the worst, I’ve been after the news and updates ever since. Mainly because I highly anticipated a trip down to Jeju.

I tried talking my Mom into taking a mini trip down to Jeju Island either by boat or commercial plane, but the idea had been dismissed due to poor timing or lack thereof. Eh, next time. Instead we explored the famous fish market, trailed through the merchant stands and toured the historical hot spots on a 4 hour open tour bus excursion.

The vessel Sewol shipped out of Busan’s south-eastern port where my Mother and I had a beautiful view of its bay from our 7th story hotel room located within the Hotel Commodore.  Who knew that only 2 weeks later, the vessel boat Sewol would meet its demise. Using my Innis Free eco science face creams made from marine plants and botanical extracts from Jeju Ocean has been a daily reminder….