DIY Cork Board Frame

Back in April while unpacking our household goods, I noticed a long scratch on the right side of my framed print. A gift I cherished from my Dad that was given to me for Christmas 7 years ago. I lOVE trees! Anyway, with our office needing a little sprucing up, I had the idea to cork part of it rather masking it up with chalkboard paint. I also included an old framed photo kept in storage. This project was so quick and easy I had to share my DYI project with you.  

Package of two rectangle cork for 12.50 euro.

Using one cork to measure inside of frame, I used Sharpie pen to line my sizes.

Craft scissors worked well.

Hot glued yellow ribbon and bark crayon to accent our office decor.

Our office space and a desktop photo of a picture I took and edited myself 3 years ago.

Sugar Lips Fashion Ambassador!

Monday’s Project Marine



Whew! What a Monday! Filled with another DIY project. Have you noticed I have a real propensity towards blue? Looking back, I’ve been blue posting. Completely unintentional but, with a yellow Villa up from the Sea, it seemed fitting that I spray-painted these used two folding chairs and table patio combo we purchased for $20.00 a few weeks ago from a couple moving back to the United States. We needed a little retreat just outside our main entrance and finally I gave it one. Seashell, driftwood, planter, tree leaves and lantern. 


Using drift wood from the beach and branches from our yards tree, you know the one that sheds more than our Pug as I mentioned in my “Creams and Trees OOTD” post? I placed the drift wood on top of a planter I haven’t found a plant for yet and placed the ends of the branches in the barks natural loop hole. Easy, why didn’t I think of this earlier? 


Glam Chair Revival

Admittedly, I was spoiled  as a child, who when or whatever I requested for or materialistically needed was practically bought for me from such giving parents. Yet, at the age of 15, I realized I had this tendency towards the old, vintage and used. Without embarrassment I dragged my Mother to thrift stores in search of satisfying my vintage needs. While she developed a migraine and couldn’t “stand the smell”, I on the other hand happily rummaged through the racks and shelves picking out trinkets or articles of clothing that called for me. For someone so young to have what seemed like endless resources from her parents my euphoric appreciation for the old, vintage and used seemed a rarity.

So, while driving up towards our gated community I spotted 6 ornate Italian dinning chairs settled next to a couple of dumpsters. Immediately I knew I had to have a couple of those chairs, promptly knowing I would re-finish and re-fabric them. Cannily knowing the craft the minute I spotted the chairs rather for sitting but for setting decor on. My sweet Husband grabbed two of them for me and as we drove home, my plans rehearsed in my thoughts……

Decor Chair

Realizing how the cushion was firmly tooled into the frame of the chair I found it easier just to spray paint the fabric and draped a cute Jessica Simpson scarf over the seating, Crate and Barrel tray,  a few of my favorite magazines, a glam necklace and votives.