Pug Circus


Pug Brooches, I bought a red one.

We had a great afternoon on a ranch outside of town where the 1st Annual Pug Circus took place. Pug club members and their puggy’s mingled to eat pizza, munch on deserts, enter contests for prizes, bargain pug related items and receive psychic readings at a nominal fee.

I haven’t been to a pug meet-up in NorCal since 2007 and although I didn’t know anyone, I joined in with a few friendly rounds. Murphy won me a surprise for best trick by repeating, “I Love You,” without a hitch.


“I Wuuuvvvv uuuuuuu!”

He was a so excited for his social play day, I had to carry him back to the car when it was time to leave or else he settled put.


Fuzzy Nation Prize, a mini Pug clutch.


Pug Fanatics

Moods for a Weekend Getaway, OOTD

Sorry, you can’t come with us.

Yes, I’ll miss you too!

You voted!

Showing off my new ring.

Ok, the suns out again.

Almost ready!

I’m really excited!

Hey everyone, as I mentioned yesterday we’re headed to a weekend retreat, a nice surprise getaway for two. Bags packed and I’m ready to go, not without a mini OOTD shoot. See those clouds? Yay I get to wear a scarf! Anyway, remember my freddie&cinnamon poll? Well my gorgeous heart band ring arrived the other day and I’m happy to show it off! Be sure you check out their website here! Have a great weekend everyone ! Catch you all up next week! 


Fawn Day, OOTD

Had a wonderful day touring Agrigento Saturday. It was well worth the 2 hour drive! Although my shoes weren’t very conducive to the earthly grounds,they held up very well! I really wanted to use my new grey suede purse but didn’t have anything grey appropriate for the weather. So instead, I wore jeans with a grey undertone to help mesh colors. I think it worked, right?

Anyway, I’ll be posting a gallery of photos of the historical ruins tour tomorrow!