Dr. Gangemi and Pug’s Vet Adventure

We took our 6-year-old fur child, Murphy to his new Beautiful and Kindhearted Veterinarian yesterday for teeth cleaning and tooth extraction. After his brief physical examination, an injection to his bum was given to relax him before sedation. While Shaun headed to the Bancomat for Euro, I laughed hysterically as Murphy began to stagger and stumble in the waiting room. My laughter must have rumbled through the walls as the Vet sought out to retrieve him for his procedure. Ready! Fast forward……..when we arrived in the waiting room his tongue seemed 10x its size as it hung over his lower lip. His head swayed back and forth and once again and his eyes were in a perpetual state of nystagmus, I couldn’t contain my laughter while hugging him. The Vet thought I was crying. I told her “I laugh to keep from crying!” Our little guy looked like a dizzy mess but was so adorable just waking up from his sedation.

Dog lovers, please give your pets a good dental cleaning as it is imperative to their health and lessens chance of a bacterial infection possibly seeping into their gums and cause organ failures. If you see your dog has obvious signs of tartar or smacking their mouths, it’s a good indicator for a dental check or cleanup!

Our little garbage eater.

We take Murphy with us everywhere as much as we can! With the weather finally cooling down he’ll be freer to venture out with us. Also now with the community clearing up from summer renters, he’ll be able to roam the roads and beach leash-free again!

Thank you to Dr. Gangemi and her wonderful Staff for such great care! Your comforts, Vet ease and bilingual language was a major bonus!

Dr. Valeria Gangemi, DVM

Via Grande, Sicily

(please email me if you’d like her information)

Bedroom Seduction, Marilyn vs Murphy

When Marilyn Monroe was asked what she wore to bed she responded, “Chanel No. 5”

Imagine that question being asked to you. How would you respond? Our bedroom, always a work in progress, is an intimate retreat filled with luxuries of our favorite linens, scents and adorned trinkets. For some, their bedrooms lay a stark mattress, dusty bedside tables and un-embellished charm. To most, the bedroom unveils its sole purpose of just a good nights rest by its evident necessities, important to ones tranquility and not by needs for indulgent design.

Our bedroom surrounds us for a peaceful days or evenings sleep. I’m no Marilyn but Murphy is, naked without the Chanel No. 5. What do I wear to bed?

Anything I want to.