Vintage Typer


Captured @ Sobon Winery Historical Museum

A voice heard without a face unseen is by far my least favorite way of communicating with someone.

I’d rather follow the etching of written words, noticing the handwriting as if it shaped the persons feelings when written. I’d study their penmanship and read their words. The written word displays effort, sincerity, genuine thought or lack thereof. I adore this method of communication.

The art of writing fades within the folds of greeting cards & guarded journals.


Oh Sea!

Half Moon Bay 2013

Oh Sea!
Ripple tears & island grains,
Lashing sandy cheeks with shards of glass and mollusk shells.
I, alike a freckle of pearl
Rounds this soft face & flawed iridescence.

Oh Seashell!
Crystallized & fisherman knives
Slitting lips exposing pearls salt-watered worth.
I, alike the handle of blade
Holding open shell & revealing baroque.

Oh Seaman!
Spreading oceans & sailing hemp
Netting treasures along Pacific rims to highest bidders.
I, alike the captains insignia
Emblem like maritime helm & pearl dry.


Photography and Poetry Credits by Jeni