Floral Buds 20th of May

Today marks a very a significant day. A day I will never forget. The visual images of a car accident, the physical dysphoria, both warning signs towards a near death experience; and as we headed into the two lane tunnel in Sicily, where in the dark our wreckage deemed loss, whilst Shaun and I were led to the light with sparred lives and memories lasting a lifetime. 


My life still a bud before a blossom.

Into the dark tunnel we go...

Into the dark tunnel, both Shaun and I go….. 

Life allows us to live.

Life allowed us to live.

Yet darkness returned and we shrouded our past lives in an effort to forget.

Our introspection began to divide us....

Unbearable to mend…..Our introspections began to divide us……

Now a divorce dispirits yet how does pain pardon.

Now a divorce dispirits. When will the pain pardon? 

Though we share the world, we must depart within it alone.

Though we share the world, we must depart within it alone.

In full bloom again.

….and as people we will bloom again. 

An attending Sicilian Physician at the hospital evaluated my scan and noted a fracture of my c-7. Communication was impossible and I spent most of the night in excruciating pain, not knowing I had broken my neck. When released, two American Military Doctors, an Orthopedic Surgeon, the other, a Spinal Cord Specialist both noted cervical fracture c5-c-7 level with spinal cord injury. IDK. I have left leg nerve paresthesia, left hand pain&weakness, reoccurring cervical and lumbar herniation, anxiety before driving and from time to time roll-over flashbacks remind of the these words, as I watched the experience in slow motion, “I’m going to die.” Why not, “We will survive!”


All photography by me using Nikon and Auto Adjust Ipad app for color editing.

With a special credit to Shaun Johnson.